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Major UX upgrades for America's growing real estate portal

Kazadu is based on a unique idea of connecting home owners and real estate service providers but required added features & UX upgrades to perform to its full potential. Blue media made the same possible after becoming company's technology partner. Our team of analysts, designers and programmers worked together to add new features and undertake UX upgrades. Check out the major changes listed in this real estate portal case study to learn how we helped Kazadu build a strong user base and increase profitability:

Smarter profiles

  • Clean organization of information for quick assessment.
  • Prominent identity elements like profile image and company associations.
  • Bigger call to action buttons for client queries and review request.

Simpler registration

  • Detailed form planning & testing to improve complete form submissions.
  • Registration process broken into 3 quick and simple steps.
  • Dilemma of lengthy form handled without removing important fields.

Social media login

  • Provision of social login to save time as well as effort
  • Integration of Facebook and LinkedIn login functionality
  • Improved chances of social sharing.

Social recommendation

  • Improved recommendations on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+
  • One click interface to recommend service provider to family and friends
  • Increase in recommendations, mentions, and social reach
More UX Enhancements
Smarter profiles Simpler registration Social media login Social recommendation

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Brand new feature to invite social reviews

Kazadu wanted to give service providers the power to invite their friends and family to review them online. We made this possible for the social realty website by integrating a unique social media feature created by our team of developers from scratch. Here is how we simplified sending social review invitations:

Select Medium

Pick the social platform where your audience is. Invite reviews from Facebook, LinkedIn or email contacts.

Select Friends

Send review requests to selected people on your chosen social platform. Dispatch multiple invitations at once.

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Improved functionality to post reviews

Starting interactions about service providers on social media sites was crucial for Kazadu. Realizing this, we simplified the process of review sharing on the real estate website. Our team of UX experts and designers worked together to give a major revamp to the review writing and sharing process, making it easier and less time consuming. Here are the major changes for your reference:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

Clear ACTION Button

We planned a more prominent Write a Review button because social referrals are the difference makers for service providers.

Issue with old design

In place of a button, the website used less-noticeable combination of text and link. The review process started on the wrong note by asking the reviewer to login through Facebook, LinkedIn or filling a lengthy form.

Dedicated review page

We wanted reviewers to focus only on rating the service provider. So, we removed all the other distractions.

Issue with old design

Presence of unnecessary links and elements distracted visitor from posting a review.

Minimum fields

No one likes to fill endless number of fields while posting a review. So, we got rid of unnecessary ones.

Issue with old design

The old review form was lengthy and thus discouraged reviewer from giving feedback.

Social verification in the end

Asking reviewer for identity verification in the end increases chances of submission. We followed the same logic while planning the review process. We further simplified the task by going for authentication via Facebook or LinkedIn.

Issue with old design

The authentication process was in the beginning which discouraged reviewer from moving ahead.

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People Responsible for this Makeover

  • UX Planner

  • Designer

  • Experience Developer

  • Dedicated Coordinator

Bring similar user exeperience enhancements to
your real estate portal to make it successful.

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Complete Overhaul of 'My Account' Area

Besides helping home owners find best professionals, Kazadu also empowers service providers to manage their activity & presence with ease. We gave major overhaul to the My Account section of the real estate platform to further simplify management for users.

Social Activities

To keep service providers updated about new reviews and referrals, we created a live notification feed very similar to Facebook.

Interesting intros

We added graphical instructions to help new members get familiar with features. The new addition improved engagement drastically.

Tips integration to perform better on Kazadu

This real estate case study cannot be wrapped up without mentioning this unique feature. To help service providers improve profile performance, our team of coders created the functionality to share quick tips through dashboard. We also added email functionality to help the real estate portal connect directly with service providers.

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