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Trends and Stats

Busier work and personal life leaves little time to visit supermarket for grocery shopping. This is the reason why online grocery shopping websites like Meragrocer, LocalBanya and FreshDirect are emerging and flourishing across the globe. You donít need to take our word for it. Here are some stats that prove launching an online grocery store makes perfect sense.

22% global respondents in a Nielsen study said they are already buying groceries online
55% who are not presently buying groceries online plan to use the service in near future
13% is the year-after-year expected growth rate of US online grocery ordering industry.

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Growcer is mobile smart and fits every screen

Mobile devices are no longer just for communication and entertainment. People are using them to buy everyday products as well. Thatís why we made Growcer responsive. This means your online grocery store will give best experience on desktops, smartphones as well as tablets. This also means Growcer is nothing like an ordinary online grocery clone.

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Over 33% Ecommerce Sales Happen on Mobile Devices

Growcer means happy shoppers

  • Cart sharing
  • Delivery slots
  • Free Delivery Premium Members
  • Product returns
  • Wish list

Enable cart sharing amongst friends

Growcer comes with cart sharing feature to facilitate ease of shopping between friends and family. This unique feature enables product additions, cart sharing, and belongs to sophisticated e-grocery shops (not ordinary clones).

Start your online grocery supermarket with Growcer

Deliver when customers want

Give your customers the power to choose when groceries reach their doorsteps. Growcer comes with the provision of delivery slots for customers to make product shipping and management convenient.

Start your online grocery supermarket with Growcer

Free delivery for premium members

Growcer also has an incorporated a feature where storeowners can offer premium services to their consumers. This feature allows storeowner to add premium members on their platform and give them free home delivery on their orders. In this way, one can add another revenue channel to their kitty.

Start your online grocery supermarket with Growcer

Empower users to return items

Sometimes, products donít fit user requirements and need to be returned. To handle this pestering detail for website owners as well as customers, we added product return related features in Growcer.

Start your online grocery supermarket with Growcer

Power to save products & buy later

Not every item one likes will be added to the cart. Some will be left for next or future grocery purchase. To make the task of saving products easy, we have added Wish list feature to Growcer.

Start your online grocery supermarket with Growcer

Online grocery business model Simple and Profitable

Websites like PepperTap, BigBasket, and NetGrocer are driven by simple yet highly lucrative online grocery business model. We built Growcer with every business aspect in mind to make sure that customers as well as websites owner make the most of the platform.

  • List the best products and special offers on your online grocery store for customers.
  • Customers shop products related to their everyday needs and get home delivery.
  • Online grocery store earns profit on every item sold and make extra money from ads.
  • Shoppers save time and money from discounted products and special offers.

Planning to compete with these market leaders?

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Simpler Offline and Online Payments

Cash on delivery

Some online shoppers like nothing better than cash on delivery feature. Thatís why we made provision of COD in Growcer.

Online payments

For customers who donít mind paying beforehand for their everyday supplies, Growcer enables payments through credit and debit cards.

Wallet payments

For those who order frequently and want to pay quickly, our team of developers integrated a secure virtual Wallet to keep money.

Promote transparency with product reviews and ratings

Customers love product reviews, and thatís why Growcer comes with the functionality to support them. While making sure that shoppers benefit from product ratings and reviews, we didnít let the control slip from your hands. There is a dedicated review management feature to check spam and abuse.

Get more traffic with referral & reward system

Because acquiring new customers is critical for growth of your grocery shopping website, our team of programmers integrated referral system to Growcer. Give your customers the incentive to refer the site to friends and lure them with reward points. Few grocery online store clones have this capability.

Make provision to repeat old grocery orders

Sometimes you need the same things you purchased last time or the ones before that. To make such transactions easy, we added the feature of purchase history to Growcer. Build your grocery ecommerce website on our turnkey solution to get the advantage of easy repeat orders.

Payments are now more secure with eWallet

Growcer raises the bar of security with advanced online payment solution, eWallet. Empower customers to add money to wallet through multiple online options, and also to use reward money to make purchases. Growcer can accomplish a lot more that other solutions cannot.

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Online Grocery Store Builder Packages

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USD $999
USD 499

Delivery Time: 7-10 working days

Go Custom
USD $4999
USD 3999

Delivery Time: 30-40 working days

Responsive Design Yes (Default)
Non exclusive rights
Yes (Custom) ? For Custom Design – We do custom design for following pages:
  • Homepage
  • 9 Inner Pages - Accessible without login
  • User dashboard pages redesigning is excluded but, we will customize the look and feel to match with the pages we are redesigning

Exclusive rights
Domain Licenses Single Single
Editable Design Template
(Editable HTML & CSS)
Yes Yes
Full Source Code Yes Yes
Installation Free ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings. Free ? We provide installation support provided we get access to server which is remotely accessible (preferably with cPanel installed) and your server configuration is meeting the requirements as suggested for the application. We should have direct access to the server company support in case any configuration is required to be adjusted or in case we face any technical issues with the server settings.
Additional Development
- USD 15 per hour For non exclusive rights
- USD 25 per hour For exclusive rights
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Revenue Generation Modes - eGrocery Store

  • Product

  • Ad

  • Merchant

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*Advertisement management and multi-vendor (commissions) features are part of paid customization

Growcer gives superpowers to admins

As admin, you need smart features to manage products, orders, website pages, and other details of your online grocery shop. We analyzed the best online grocery stores in the world, their clone scripts, and came up with features that make complicated tasks extremely easy. Check out the most unique ones!

Growcer packs many more features for website owners, check

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Growcer for Improved Sales & Customer Engagment

Blue media Ė The global brand behind Growcer

Products like Growcer require critical UX design and custom development knowhow. Blue media Technologies brings the same to the table. We have been creating complicated technology driven products for more than a decade now, and are favored globally for following distinguishing traits:

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ecommerce solutions provider

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friendly sites

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50+ countries

With more than 2000 successful projects for small businesses as well as big brands, we have gained confidence of entrepreneurs across the world. Besides technological edge, we also give FREE support for complete one year to assist clients with system functionality, management and other technical queries. Build an online grocery store similar to FreshDirect, BigBasket and Grofers by joining hands with experienced ecommerce professionals.

Donít go for an average online grocery store clone; choose the perfect solution for greater sales and profits.

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